Nigeria Senator Ben Bruce to Buhari…Stop this London Trips

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President Muhammadu Buhari keeps going to Britain for ‘vacation’. But Has he ever asked himself how many times the British Prime Minister has come to Nigeria for a vacation? Nigeria wants to grow her economy but how can we grow if we give to others what they do not give to us?

How can we tell foreign tourists to visit Nigeria when our own leaders won’t even vacation in Nigeria? How can we tell the world that Nigeria is safe for business when we as leaders move about with little armies to protect us from the people who elected us?” Recall that Buhari had travelled to Britain for four days in May to see his doctor. However, Buhari, yesterday, travelled again to Britain in an interval of two months. This presidency said was for a “routine vacation”.

But reacting on Saturday, Ben-Bruce faulted his vacation, noting that Nigeria economy cannot grow if Nigeria leaders should continue with their affluence live styles. Recall again that, the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had alleged that Buhari’s 10-days leave was for Saraki’s impeachment.

A statement that was immediately countered by Presidency who on Thursday night denied the allegation by the opposition party, as they described President Buhari as a Democrat that does not indulge in any unconstitutional and illegal act.

The Presidency also alleged that the PDP has been crying wolf because members of the party were afraid of their past, thinking that the Buhari’s administration would reopen the alleged inglorious past 16 years rule of the party.

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